Weekly Progress so far

Click on the link below to learn about what "I Can" statement I have done each week:

Week #1:  January 1-7 = # 34: I Can start a small business full time or on the side if I am unhappy with my current income or job.

Week #2: January 8- 14 = #2: I Can move my financial accounts to a smaller local bank or credit union to promote the value of personal relationships in the industry.

Week #3: January 15-22 = #8: I Can buy more goods and services that are made in America, from companies that are headquartered in America, if I truly want more American jobs created.

Week #4: January 23- 29 = #49: I Can write local and national politicians to urge them to set term limits for every elected office in order to ensure fresh ideas and perspectives within government.

Week #5: January 30- February 5 = # 20: I Can reduce my risk of cancer, stroke, diabetes and obesity by eating less processed food and more fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

Week #6: February 6-12 = # 11: I Can find the courage to stand up for what I believe even though it might make me uncomfortable and vulnerable to criticism. I Can live my life grounded in my principles and use them as my anchor in a turbulent world.

Week #7: February 13-19th = #7: I Can downsize my life if I am stressed out about money and struggling to pay the bills. I Can create a budget to live within my means, sell the fancy car or boat, and make purchasing decisions based on what I need, not what I want.  I Can achieve financial peace of mind.

Week #8: February 20-26th#14:  I Can ask a public school principal if I Can “adopt” a teacher to make sure he has the necessary resources to do his job so the youth of America will excel.  If the principal denies this request, I Can do it anyways.

Week #9: February 27- March 4th = #26: I Can leave an outrageous tip the next time I receive excellent service from someone in the hospitality or service industry.

Week #10: March 5-11th = #37: I Can tell someone how grateful I am to be an American and express to that person how I am getting involved to make sure America remains the world's best place to live.

Week #11: March 12-18th = #1: I Can mow the yard or help maintain a foreclosure in my neighborhood should I notice that it has gotten unsightly.

Week #12: March 19th- 25th = #17: I Can visit another house of worship with a set of beliefs different than my own in order to understand my fellow Americans better and put to rest any misunderstandings I have about other religions.

Week #13: March 26-31st: = #23: I Can check the facts before I pass on information or rumors that I hear.

1st Quarter of 2012 complete.  Now buy the book and get to work.  See ya out there Fixing America!