#7: I Can downsize my life if I am stressed out about money and struggling to pay the bills. I Can create a budget to live within my means, sell the fancy car or boat, and make purchasing decisions based on what I need, not what I want.  I Can achieve financial peace of mind.

Week #7 Summary: February 13-19th

Gosh…it’s kind of amazing to carve out 2 or 3 hours one day and dedicate it to going through your house and garage and decide what items I don’t need, don’t use, or would be better converted to cash.

This week was about simplifying our lives so we can truly become “free” to pursue our dreams and not feel like we are held hostage by past purchasing choices.  In fact, how much more at peace would be all feel if we didn’t have so much “stuff” to worry about?  I think my life would be more peaceful and I bet yours would be to.

It was a great feeling to put some “stuff” up on eBay this week and then get emails that someone just bought it!  So far I haven’t made a bunch of money BUT, with the cost of gas being what it is I have already earned a few tanks of gas….so that’s good!