#14: I Can ask a public school principal if I Can “adopt” a teacher to make sure he has the necessary resources to do his job so the youth of America will excel.  If the principal denies this request, I Can do it anyway.

Week #8 summary: February 20- 26th

This week was a poignant reminder on why I have been an entrepreneur over the last 12 years.  I simply have little patience and when I see an opportunity lost to help people, solve a problem or make something better I sort of freak out (only on the inside…;)

As you know, this week was about volunteering either time or money (or both) to help restore and rebuild our all too often failing school system.  In order to cut through all the crap of politics I thought I would just reach out to all the principals in my local public school district and say I was “here to help.”  Given all the complaining from administrators about how their budgets are being cut and how parents are disengaged I thought they response would be pretty positive.  I mean, in the world that I live if you have a problem, and someone comes along to say I might be able to help you with that problem, you take people up on their offer.

So I sent out emails and called 7 local schools.  The first round of emails went unanswered.  Then I started the calls.  From that, I one received ONE call back….and we are still trying to coordinate a time in which I can come visit the school.  Why is this so hard? I am reconsidering my strategy.

In my book I talk about “adopting” a teacher to make sure they have the necessary resources to help teach our children to excel.  I suggest that first you should go to the principal to ask for “permission”…after seeing how inefficient this process is I am thinking that I need to just walk up to a teacher and introduce myself and tell that person that I want to help.  Any ideas on how best to do that?  I think hanging out in the faulty parking lot might get me in trouble…