#49: I Can write local and national politicians to urge them to set term limits for every elected office in order to make sure fresh ideas and perspectives within government.

Week #4 Summary: January 23-29th

Ok, no one has an excuse not to write your local politicians and encourage them to try to introduce and pass legislation limiting the number of terms that they can serve in office. It will take you about an hour to write the letter, address the envelopes, and send them out. That leaves you 167 more hours in the week to do other stuff.

While HUGE MAJORITY of my book focuses on ideas and actions that we can take in our own lives, within our own communities, to make them better it would be naïve for me to assume that politicians and government don’t have any influence over the successful State of our Union.  Politicians can provide either “tail-winds” or “head-winds” for us and our mission to Fix America, however, they cannot be used as an excuse or reason why we don’t take action TODAY.  Using the excuse that because politician “XYZ” is in office, therefore no matter what I do won’t matter is delusional at best, lazy at worst.  YOU MUST take action to do what you believe you can to Fix America.  No more excuses, those are what politicians use, and we will no longer give any more power to the politicians.

One way to ensure we get fresh and new ideas within every level of government is to bring back the honor of service within the political arena.  Limiting the amount of time any one person can serve will go a long way to make sure people are running for office to truly serve, not get a career and pension.

I wrote letters to each one of my elected representatives both in Atlanta, The State of Georgia, and my US Senators and Congressmen.  I also sent them a book so maybe they can find some good ideas and begin to Fix America….I can only dream, though….;-). I have attached a sample letter for you to use as a template.  In it I suggest that Senators be limited to serve 12 years total and Congressman 8 years total.  I think that moves us in the right direction as a nation.  You can write about whatever you think will work to Fix America and the problem of “career” politicians. Letter to politicians term limits