Give Generously

There is no doubt that America is going through tough times.  Despite what you hear on the news about the“recovery” and shrinking unemployment the truth of the matter is that many, many of our fellow American are struggling to pay the bills every month (heck, more like week to week.) 

America is still a rich country (roughly #4 in the world per capita income) yet so many of our fellow Americans go without the basics of permanent shelter and consistent access to food.  In fact, if it wasn’t for many government programs some people would be out on the street and/or suffering from lack of nutrition.  But here is the deal, as a country that borrows roughly 40% of every dollar we spend we simply cannot support or fund these social programs forever.  The math doesn’t work.

So here is how I see America…and the frustrations I have about the current “State of the Union” and how to create a truly sustainable system:

1)      The government was not formed to provide many of the social and welfare programs that it is currently administrating.  In fact, I would argue that the government is one of the most inefficient delivery vehicles for solving homelessness, unemployment and nutrition.


2)      For all of those “rugged individualist” that think that the government should “stop the entitlement society” then I ask you, what will you do to help your fellow American and neighbor?  Will you be there in their time of need and serve them?  What are you willing to sacrifice in your life to help those in need?

Almost every single one of us will fall on hard times at some point in our lives.  A time in which we will need the help of a friend, a family member, heck, just anyone to help us get through the hard times.

Sure, there are a whole bunch of people abusing the system right now who bilk all of us taxpayers out of money in order to pay for housing, children, food stamps, healthcare etc….I’ll give ya that…and it drives me crazy.  But let’s imagine that tomorrow we cut all that off…no more assistance, no more food supplements, etc.  Sure, many would find a way to survive (they might even begin looking for a job) but there are truly people who need help…and are you willing to be the person that helps our fellow American through the tough times?  If your answer is yes, then you are the future of America and you need to start taking action today to give to and serve others who are truly in need.

If your answer is no, that in fact you do not want to help another person who is truly in need (not milking the system), then you cannot complain if the government takes your tax dollars and tries to help out.  You would be much better and much more efficient at it, but apparently you don’t want to do the work.

Let’s give generously and serve each other when we are truly in need.  It will make for a great America and won’t give those politicians any excuses for often inefficient social and welfare programs that has resulted in a large entitlement society.

Are you willing to step up so the government can step out of being the “nanny” state?

A simple way to reward people who are working, but may be in a transition, is to provide enormous tips for the people working in the service industry.  Sure, there are a lot of young kids and professional waitstaff working in the service industry BUT, especially during this recession, you might often find older people who usually have a “normal” job in corporate America but have either been laid off or the company closed.  Many of these people are trying to make "ends meet" by picking up jobs in the hospitality industry.  If someone gives you excellent service, consider making their day by leaving an outrageous tip.  It truly is wealth redistribution we can believe in…compensation for excellent performance.  Help make that America a reality.



#26: I Can leave an outrageous tip the next time I receive excellent service from someone in the hospitality or service industry.