Stop Entitlement Thinking


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  Can you believe it? My oh my how time flies when you are having fun. Ever since your birth, you seem to keep getting bigger and bigger. Impressive, indeed. Most people your age are beginning to unwind and start enjoying the twilight of their lives. But not you, Mr. Entitlement.  You’ve just started. But I fear with your continuing appetite you are going to spoil the meal for the rest of us folks. If you keep eating like you are, not only are you going to get bigger but the rest of us are going to starve. Then who will feed you? Never mind, we will worry about that later. Let’s drink!”

-   Speech given by Dave at Mr. Entitlement’s 70th birthday bash, January 2012. Open bar.

In all seriousness folks, the word entitlement was first used ONLY 70 years ago per Webster’s dictionary. At one point it was a word like “googled” or “de-friend” or “tweet.” It was a made up word for an economic experiment  that may or may not (time will tell) succeed as it relates to many government policies and programs.

The entitlement thinking I am referring to (and the one we can most influence and change) is the state of mind that makes us believe that because we showed up in the great country of America we are deserving of a job, a home, a car, a phone, healthcare, a college education, vacations, utilities and last but not least the right to other people’s money and success.

I am here to deliver the bad news. You have to earn all of the things mentioned above. No one “owes” you any of this. If you are of able body and mind, you need to be a productive member of society, make the tough choices to stay in school, work hard and constantly learn and adapt. Just because you had a job for 10 years doesn’t mean that you will be able to do the same job for the next 10 years. The world has changed and you need to adapt to it. It sucks, I know. Tough, tough work ahead.

So in that spirit (and because I am sure no one would hire me) I am starting a new company. If you are reading these words you have the unique opportunity to help! Yes, please buy the book (or have someone else buy the book and then “borrow” it) and come join me for the journey in 2012 to fix America. Then when I am really, really successful I also promise to pay my taxes. Oh, it gets even better if you buy my book (or 3). Guess what? If I sell enough books then I am going to hire some people who live in America to come up with some lame content like this. Seriously, it will be a dream job for somebody. And then that person will pay taxes and buy stuff.  It's the circle of commerce. You see how important it is to support local (like US based) companies...yep, the money stays here.

I’m not waiting for you, but I would like you to help. Unless, of course, you think someone else will take care of it…

Week of January 1-7

#34: I Can start a small business full time or on the side if I am unhappy with my current income or job.