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 Hosted by David Duley and Robb Wolf

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Episode #36: Post election episode right after the Inauguration of Trump- January 20, 2017

We promised a Controversial Truth episode after the election....well, we found ourselves together in Reno on Inauguration day so we thought we would do a podcast 20 minutes after his speech. Enjoy our take on the election and what might come in the next 4 years

Episode #35: 2016 election analysis by The Controversial Truth- October 21, 2016

In a clear example of be very careful what you ask for,  David Duley and Robb Wolf resurrect The Controversial Truth podcast in order to weigh in on the 2016 election.  We will discuss some of the ramifications of certain candidates winning the Presidency and what that might mean to you, your family and community. Additionally, we will revisit some of the predictions we made over the last 4 years and how those played out in the market and in your life.


Episode #34: The FINAL (for now) podcast....our journey and insights together- February 26, 2015

Dave and Robb wind up the journey of “The Controversial Truth” podcast with this final episode.  We take a look back at why we first started the podcast, the progress made, the topics discussed and some past insights that were made that have come to pass our 2.5 year journey.  We take a look at some major topics such as the economy, US Real Estate, and energy policy and prices and forecast our thoughts related to the next 5 years.  Additionally, we leave you with recommendations of other great podcasts, resources and websites that share a lot of the same perspectives and have many of the same concerns as Dave and Robb.  These guys are great and will be able to deliver you constant, credible insights to the ever changing landscape.  We LOVED our journey with all of our great listeners and reserve the right to fire up the podcast from time to time should the world’s events trigger some areas in which our opinions can be of insight and value.  Keep on keeping on!

Episode #33: The power of distraction, practical financial tips, and how not to get caught in the "bubble"- August 1, 2014

Dave and Robb, with special guest Charles Mayfield, discuss the power and prevalence of distraction in our life and culture.  What role does it play is inhibiting progress and change?  Additionally, we discuss practical financial tips as we navigate what seems to be another "boom" in our "boom and bust" economic cycle.  How do we play smart in this environment?

 Episode #32:  Russia and what it means, Student Debt, and bad habits die hard.- May 23, 2014

Dave and Robb try to figure out what is going on in Russia with the Ukraine fiasco and what that means related to America’s strength and perceived place on the world’s stage.  Why might we get involved in some conflicts and not others?  Related to the financial “recovery,” are some of the past bad behaviors coming back online?  Spring is in the air and so is student debt…we will discuss some thoughts to ponder about whether it makes sense to go into debt and for what reason.  In addition, some future predictions from some of our favorite economists.

 Episode #31:  What would you have to know to justify some of the crazy policy decisions?!?!- February 27, 2014

About a year ago, Dave and Robb had an episode in which we tried to figure out what information we would need to know (that we could not share with the public) to make and support the same policy decisions of the current (and past) administrations.  So "if Dave and Robb were President" what information would be have to be privy to in order to make some of the same nonsensical decisions.  We take on monetary policy, the ability to live “off the grid”, Obamacare, and the war on drugs.

Episode #30: The HOLIDAY EDITION, bitcoins and 2014- December 20, 2013

Dave and Robb discuss some of their favorite ideas around Holiday gifts that are sometimes practical, sometimes crazy, but all the time awesome.   Many listeners have asked us about Bitcoins so we will discuss what they are and some ideas about what the future might hold for them.  Additionally, we talk about some trends and opportunities we see for 2014.  Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays!


Episode #29: Obamacare roll-out and history repeating itself. - November 19, 2013

Dave and Robb discuss the initial roll-out and website issues surrounding Obamacare. It is so bad it almost seems planned to fail?!?! Additionally, asset bubbles are forming again in equities and real estate....haven't we seen this movie before?


Episode #28: Farm to Consumer Defense fund, Syria, and why do Politicians always change their minds?- September 13, 2013


Dave and Robb, with special guest Charles Mayfield- , strength coach and author of Paleo Comfort foods.  This episode we catch up on many events in America and the world.  Robb and Charles share with us their experience and lessons from their recent adventure in Virginia at the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.  Additionally, we discuss why politicians make a complete 180 on their opinions and views…is it because we simply do not have the access to information they do? Or is it something else? We will also discuss how Charles and Robb met and the birth of the Paleo Comfort Foods and their new book, Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods.


Episode #27:  It's good to be back: IRS, AP hack and other adventures - May 17th, 2013

Dave and Robb catch up on a wide variety of topics since our last podcast on March 1, 2013. We discuss the power of the news media, recent events with IRS being used as political mafia,, AP phone record hacks and other exciting adventures in the world. It's good to be back

Episode #26: Questions from listeners, sequestration and stock market run up - March 1, 2013

Dave and Robb go through a list of questions sent in from listeners and we also talk about some of the facts, perceptions and realities surrounding the governments sequestration.

Episode #25: What Sweden is doing right and can we apply the same solutions in US?- February 15th, 2013

Dave and Robb discuss the reversal of Nordic States who in the past looked to massive social programs and government to solve problems but are NOW looking and implementing more market based solutions. How are they doing and what can we learn and potentially apply in America?

Episode #24: If Dave and Robb were President....- February 1, 2013

What information would President Dave and Robb have to be given to make the same decisions as President Obama in regards to monetary policy, health care, gun laws and other national issues? Can we lay out scenarios in which we would make and justify similar decisions?  Also, introducing the Magic Beer Genie, Big Mic and others. For entertainment purposes only…;-)

Episode #23:  Happy New Year! Fiscal Cliff, guns, money and Truth- January 18, 2013

Dave and Robb dive into the New Year discussing the events of the last 30 days.  The Fiscal Cliff, the tragedy at Sandy Hook, gun rights debate as well as new ideas for The Controversial Truth in 2013.  “Like” our new Facebook page and get ready for a great year of actionable items to address America’s problems, talk about how we can fix them, and then take action in our own communities.

Episode #22:  Has America grown too big?- December 14, 2012

Dave and Robb discuss an interesting video and opinion piece that states the problem with our dysfunctional government on the Federal level has a lot to do with the SIZE of America in regards to population. We will also discuss chapters 5 & 6 from The Creature from Jekyll Island.


Episode #21: Totally awesome (and practical) Holiday gift idea edition - November 30th, 2012

Dave and Robb will discuss some Holiday gift ideas that don't suck and actually can enhance the lives of the ones you love. We will also discuss chapters 3 and 4 from The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Episode #20: Staying resilient and thankful during the Holiday Season- November 23, 2012

Dave and Robb discuss some simple ways YOU can stay resilient with your health, body and spirit this Holiday Season. We will also tackle chapters 1 and 2 from The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Episode #19: Can we design the perfect political party?- November 16, 2012

Dave and Robb discuss the possible tenants and characteristics of a viable and competitive 3rd party in the US political scene...and we need your help!

Episode #18: Presidential election recap and what the results might mean- November 9, 2012

Dudes and dudettes....it's the first episode of The Controversial Truth after the 2012 Presidential election. Whether or not your guy won or loss we all need to observe and learn for the election, campaign and the electorate. We discuss what the election results might mean for America and how best for us to plan for the future ahead.

Episode #17: Pre-Presidential election banter and strategy- November 2, 2012

So it’s presidential election time. Many of our listeners have asked us questions about our thoughts around voting for a 3rd party candidate. Dave and Robb will discuss a variety of different viewpoints to consider as you look to cast your vote. We will also explore unorthodox ways to look at our options.

Episode #16: Can we be energy independent? Yes, BUT.... - October 19th, 2012

Can we truly become energy independent? Absolutely! Will we become energy independent? Probably not. Dave and Robb discuss some really exciting technology developed and available that currently is not being invested in or explored in America. Why is that? We will discuss possible reasons. In addition, can energy independence usher in a new industrial revolution?

Episode #15: Are we too "entertained" and distracted?= October 12, 21012

Are we too entertained and distracted to make the choices to learn new skills, dig deep into government policy (which effects all of us) or carve out time to be more healthy and "alive." Are we so awash in entertainment that we just can't break away to accomplish all the things we want to do with our lives? Could we "Fix America" if we spent more time thinking and innovating rather than being "entertained." Also, we will discuss "Chimerica" in the Ascent of Money. We'll also chime in on the presidential debates.

Episode #14: Unions and what you need to know: the good, the bad and the ugly- October 5, 2012.

Dave and Robb discuss how the creation of Unions in American private industry and then later within government. Dave will talk about his experiences growing up in the birthplace of the United Auto Workers (UAW) in Flint Michigan and some of the consequences of union policy on that once thriving city. Also, how do government pensions, many derived from union contracts, loom large in the financial instability of local cities and state governments.

Episode #13: Governments that "take the medicine" and what is risk?. - September 28, 2012.

Dave a Robb discuss the country of Estonia that went against the grain of current policy theory and "took their medicine" to then grow and thrive years later. Additionally, we will discuss the creation and role of risk as it relates to insurance and how it applies to our world today

Episode #12:  QE3 and cheap $, student loan debt and is college worth it? - September 21, 2012

Dave and Robb tackle the specter of student loan debt and ask the challenging questions of whether or not college is worth it. We discuss why college rates keep climbing and how “cheap” student loan money has created a bubble of pricing. We dive into different strategies to pay off college debt as well as parlay how government involved markets ultimately create significant damage. This parlays perfectly into QE3 and how it effects the stock market. Additionaly, we will discuss the genesis of the “Company” and stock market through chapter 3 of The Ascent of Money.

Episode #11: The demise of the car? - September 14, 2012

Dave and Robb discuss the history of the automobile and how this little invention helped influence urban design and city planning. With increasing energy costs and no money to pay for infrastructure, is the car on a path of decline? We will also discuss Chapter 2 of The Ascent of Money and learn how the bond market really works.

Episode #10: What you (and your family) need to know about monetary policy...it's important. September 7, 2012

Dave and Robb will discuss the barn burner, rowdy topic of monetary policy. Diving into the article by peak prosperity and moving onto reviewing topics discussed in “The Ascent of Money” we will examine why it is important to be knowledgeable about how money is created and how to be a good steward of your valuable labor and money your hard work produces. How do we put what we are learning into practical, everyday life?

Episode #9: GAME ON! Let's fix this b*tch and we will start with FOOD - August 31. 2012

Dave and Robb, after a "low T" moment on the last podcast, redouble efforts to make The Controversial Truth more awesome and relevant than ever before.  We will have actionable items that listeners can implement in their own lives.  Today we will talk about the fragile food supply system and how important it is to be prepared in case the supply chain ever gets disrupted.  Additionally, we will assign our first Book Club task and end with actionable items to give you better peace of mind and control.  We will fix this thing, come hell or high water!

Episode #8: The Controversial Truth Crossroads- "The Ocho" -August 24th, 2012

Dave and Robb contemplate the success and purpose of the first 7 episodes of the Controversial Truth and what the future of the Podcast might look like. Instead of debating behind close doors our concerns, fears, questions and likeliness of inspiring success in bringing about positive change in America, we've decided to do it on this Podcast. Let us know what you think! "The Ocho" episode (yes, #8)

Episode #7: Two Party (political) Hangover; why the current system is broken- August 17th, 2012

Dave and Robb will discuss the current two (2) party political system and contemplate some of the advantages and destructive disadvantages of the current model.  We will discuss other political options (3rd parties) and why people are or are not supporting them.

Episode #6: What's up with Europe and how it might affect America (and you)?- August 10th, 2012

In response to questions from some of our listeners, Dave and Robb will explain the European Debt Crisis and discuss some of the potential effects of that may take a toll on America’s recovery and our personal financial wellbeing.  Does Europe provide a crystal ball into potential consequences of our financial and monetary policy? Additionally, we will answer some other questions related to immigration, mortgages and hyperinflation.  Dave gets a little emotional and Robb reals him back in. Also, should we start a book club?

Episode #5: If it ain't broken, hire the government to break it - August 3, 2012

Dave and Robb discuss government involvement in food supply and production (subsides and FDA), education and curriculum (public schools and unions), and retirement planning (Social Security).  Where would America be if government wasn’t so involved in these segments of our society?  What can we do to help “fix” these issues and move forward?

Episode #4: Guns, Chicken, Healthcare...Oh my! - July 29th, 2012

Dave and Robb will discuss the various dynamics of the tragedy in Aurora Colorado and discuss viewpoints of the gun control and access debate. We will dive into the characteristics of the Singapore Healthcare system and how it might help solve many issues in America. Lastly, we wil discuss the comments made by Dan Cathy of Chick-Fil-A and why Dave was freaking out for a while.

Episode #3: Just listen to your fair share - July 20, 2012

Dave and Robb will dive into the definition of a word or phrase that is used quite a bit these days: Fair (fair share, fair shot, fair ruling, etc.) What is fair and how can it apply to a variety of issues in our lives from things we can control to other variables that are simply outside of our control? Does the word "fair" have any roll in our conversation around policy and decisions we make in our individual life? Is "fair" even American?

Episode #2: Can Freedom and DEBT coexist? - July 13, 2012

Dave and Robb discuss the role of DEBT in our private life and government balance sheet. On the heels of celebrating Independence Day, can we truly be "free" if we are beholden to any debt (public or private?) Additionally, we will discuss how the Healthcare decision may effect our freedoms and perhaps our role in calling out bad behavior that may endanger the solvency of America. Also introducing, Dave's Deep Thoughts....

Episode #1: Introduction to The Controversial Truth Podcast and the diving into the issues. - July 4th, 2012

Dave and Robb will discuss issues related to US manufacturing, getting our health and healthcare under control and "can I opt out of FICA?" That would be awesome.  What do you think?


Send any questions you have to Dave@ICanFixAmerica.com and we will try to address them on our next Podcast!