# 11: I Can find courage to stand up for what I believe even though it might make me uncomfortable and vulnerable to criticism. I Can live my life grounded in my principles and use them as my anchor in a turbulent world.

Week #6 Summary; February 6-12, 2012:

I purposely scheduled this “I Can” statement 6 weeks into the “I Can Fix America” calendar since I knew I would probably be wondering “what the heck was I thinking” right about now.  And guess what?  I was pretty much right. 

The last 6 weeks haven’t been the easiest.  In fact, a few times there I was questioning why in the world would I spend a bunch of my time, effort and money to bring about a simple book and website that I “think” can Fix America and make the USA great again?  I’m not running for office or seeking anyone’s vote or really anyone’s approval…I just want to see America thrive and be the best it can be not only for us but for future generations to come.  And I believe the ideas in the book, when executed, can actually Fix America.  

Through this journey, I have come to the inconvenient and expensive truth that in order for me to live my life according to my beliefs I must continue on this journey…even if it means tough times ahead.  I really can’t explain why I feel this way other than I have never been so certain of anything in my life.  Sometimes I wish I could go out and get a “normal” job and hang out with friends and family on the weekends.  But for some reason I am compelled to do this “I Can Fix America” thing and try to empower as many people as possible with a simple message:  We CAN FIX AMERICA, but each one of us needs to roll up our sleeves and take action, not just talk about change or think elections will miraculously put us on Recovery Road.

This, my friends, is what I think the message of this week is about.  Living a life based in your principles and staying disciplined to them, even when the going gets tough, is what will define you and your life’s journey.  I haven’t always embraced this concept but I think I am doing better….and I know you can do better too! I know I could be doing many other more exciting things, many of which I am sure would be a lot more “financially” rewarding or lead to more immediate gratification, but I am pretty sure if I did those things I would have this “hollow” place inside of me that I didn’t live up to my true calling and purpose. 

I feel like this year is the most important year of my life but I really can’t explain it more than a "hunch." For some reason, this is something I have to do regardless of the consequences.  I guess this would be my first experience with some sort of “calling”…if you listen to it, you really have no choice than to go down the path you are being called.  I am not suggesting any religious angle hear, I am just saying that this just feels like what I need to be doing…and if I don’t do it, I have a sense I would regret it.

I guess, through this journey,  I know now a little bit more on how difficult living a life based on principles truly is.  The path is clear, but the adventure isn’t always easy.  Consequently, the work that needs to be done to Fix America won’t be easy….but that too must be done.