And so here we are...

If you are like many Americans, you are deeply concerned about our country’s future. A dysfunctional and destructive political environment, an epidemic of poor corporate stewardship, and a culture of unhealthy lifestyles, both physically and morally, have created a recipe for disaster. The America that thousands of brave men and women died to protect is in jeopardy.

Generations of the past were called upon to fight for our way of life through war and financial sacrifice. Now it is our turn to grab the bull by the horns and fix America. This is our call to duty.

"I Can Fix America” is a simple book that will help restore our country. Inside it you will find 52 common sense ways that you can make the United States great again, ideas that any one of us can put to work today. Gone are the days of waiting on government, business and unions to “do the right thing.” They have proven themselves incapable of rising to the occasion. It is solely up to you to make it happen in your life, your community and your family.

This book was designed with purpose and functionality in mind.  It is meant to be left out on the coffee table, near a nightstand or at a doctors office...never stored away on a bookshelf.  It has been written to quickly inspire, empower and help lead each one of us to make better decisions today that will have a positive impact on our own life and family, but also our community and country.

Inside are only words. We’ve seen what only words can do, and it’s not pretty or productive. The difference will happen when you use these words to fix America. It’s not about talk; it’s about action.

Lead through action, not just words


I'm pretty sure there is an old saying out there that states a simple truth: "talk is cheap."  Sure, we all love getting into a good debate with friends and neighbors about a variety of subjects, maybe even some politically charged dialogues, that help us exercise that often too used part of our anatomy...our mouths.  It's fun to debate, it's even more fun to win the debates (at least in our own minds.)  It's interesting, though, to watch life get a little tricky when we have to start backing up the ideas and viewpoints that we have shared out in the open forum.

Unfortunately, it seems today that politicians, "experts", and many corporate and community leaders want us to believe that they have the right things to say...but of course, hardly act or behave according to those words. But it's not just them who are at fault. Nope, we've all been guilty of saying one thing and doing another.  I know I sure have. Words are easy.  Taking action and living by your convictions and ideas is hard. And speaking of the hardwork, here is my commitment to you and to America.  Every week in 2012 I will do one of the ideas that I have written about in the book. (thus all 52 by years end) I will document my struggles and successes.  I will ask for help and I will not be perfect.  But I promise you this...I will be better.  And that's what this whole book and website are about...just being better Americans and stewards of our great country. Stop the talking, the complaining and the divisive rhetoric.  Let's fix America.

I Can Fix America.

Who's with me?