#1: I Can mow the yard or help maintain a foreclosure should I notice that it has gotten unsightly in the neighborhood.

Week #11 Summary: March 12-18th

Holy Smokes! This week turned into a really pleasant surprise.  I had to leave town for a few days for business and I was worried that I might not get back in time to start cleaning up the yard at my neighbors abandoned house.  The “grass” was growing at all different lengths and the leaves had mostly turned into mush and were stopping the growth of any grass on the yard.  My plan was to mow the “grass” and then rake the yard down in order to help real grass thrive as Springtime comes into bloom.

But guess what? To my surprise I arrived back home Saturday night to find that the yard had already been cleaned up…by my OTHER neighbor.  I saw him reading the book the other day so I can only hope that it inspired him to take action.

See, we can all do little things to help Fix America.  What did you do last week?

PS.  Don’t worry, once the pollen dies down I am going to power-wash the abandoned house….it’s a mess and has mold growing all over it.