# 20: I Can reduce my risk of cancer, stroke, diabetes and obesity by eating less processed food and more fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

Week #5 Summary: January 30th - February 5th, 2012

OK…I received a lot of interesting emails this week.  Thanks for all the insights.  No one was able to refute my claims made at the beginning of the week thus the t-shirt goes unclaimed.  However, they are now available for purchase under the “store” on the website.  They are really nice, you might want to buy one.  It will make you cool and patriotic.  Hard to pass that up!

So I began my healthy eating this week.  Right now, after nearly a week of eating healthy I have to really say it makes a big difference.  However, if I was writing this update a few days ago I am pretty sure I would use a lot of 4 letter words.  I wasn’t having fun and my mood was just awful.  I think my body was rejecting all the good food and yearning for pizza.  I know that they say you can become “addicted” to food, and I believe that could happen especially given the headaches, etc I have experienced this week.  But despite the unpleasantness I experienced, I just put my head down and focused on the commitment I made to you, myself and America to eat better and become a healthier person.  It is not easy, but it is necessary and CAN be done. Much of what we are going to do this year is not easy, but must be done.  No more excuses, no more blame, just positive action to move forward.

I am sticking with this one the rest of the year.  I will not be perfect but my health will get increasingly better as the year progresses.  I will check in and let you know my progress.

In the meantime, commit today to eating well and exercising.  I am not going to lie to you, I really don’t like to do it.  I hope that it will grow on me.  When I hear about people who “can’t make it through the day without exercising” I want to punch them in the face and call them liars.   But I know that after a few weeks of sticking to the plan it will become easier and easier….at least, that’s my hope!