Define Your Principles and Live By Them


This one might seem easy, but it’s not.  In fact, it takes a lot of reflection, time alone and deep thinking to come to peace with what you TRULY believe, what you are willing to stand up for and more importantly, what decisions or sacrifices you are willing to make to live by your principles. It is often so easy to just “go with the flow” and let life happen.  Maybe that is the more peaceful way to wander through life.  I’m not sure.  But what I am sure about is how much clearer life becomes when you know what you believe in, define your principles and make the commitment to live and make decisions based on those beliefs.

While a “clearer” life might allow you to make better choices as it relates to your own life, it does make life a little bit more engaging and requires you to often times make the “tough choices.”  You see, living a life based in principles isn’t always easy or convenient.  Sometimes it is VERY hard and can be plain scary.  Take for example me writing this book.  I have to be honest with you; I really struggled for a long time on whether I should write this book and spend my own hard earned money to make it a reality.  I thought to myself that I had a pretty good life and I could surely use my time and talent to make more money, spend more time with my friends and family and perhaps even take a trip.

I also have become recently engaged and, because of the time, resources and commitment I have made this year to bring this book and message to market we have decided to wait until Spring of 2013 to get married.  Could we get married earlier? Sure. But as I have told Rosie, this year is all about Fixing America and she supports me in my decision.  It is just something that deep down I need to do, I really can’t explain it.  The only thing I could possible compare this to is if I was called to serve America in the Armed Forces.  Since I was too big of a wimp, pretty self absorbed and unappreciative of the blessing of being an American I did not formally serve our country in one of the Armed Forces.  Instead, I feel like this is my small ability to contribute to America and “pay my dues.”  By no way will this measure up even 1% to the sacrifices and service that the members of the Armed Forces have made, but it is what I can do at this moment in my life and I must do it.  There is no second guessing and I, for some reason, fear nothing with getting this message of empowerment out into the general public. I truly believe that if we take ownership of many of the problems that face America in our daily lives, be accountable to each other, then I really do believe we can Fix America together.  If I lose all my material stuff because of my “crazy” mission to Fix America, so be it, I will start again.  I just couldn’t, any longer, sit by and watch what is happening in America and be a spectator. 

My principles compelled me to tell this story so I will live, thrive or suffer because of it.  No problem, but surely not convenient.

Do you know what your principles are and what you believe in?  Or does it change with whatever opinion is on TV or on the Internet? What ways can you better define your principles and make changes to promote the world you want to live in instead of staying on the sidelines and playing armchair quarterback?  Our country, no more than ever, needs leadership and people who are willing to do the tough work.  What are you willing to do to Fix America?

Week #6: February 6- 12th

#11:  I Can find the courage to stand up for what I believe even though it might make me uncomfortable and vulnerable to criticism.  I Can live my life grounded in my principles and use them as my anchor in a turbulent world.