Issues to Fix

Oh boy, where to begin.

Ok, we all know that we have some pretty substantial problems in America. We also know that these problems just didn't appear overnight.  They have been years in the making. The media and some "historians" like to call many of these problems "bubbles" or "crisis" or "market corrections."  Maybe they are all of those things (I'm no "expert") but the aforementioned descriptions, seem to downplay how seriously long it takes for the proverbial "sh*t" to hit the fan.  The reason this is true is because when we deal with issues like housing, healthcare, entitlement thinking, etc., it take YEARS and sometimes DECADES of bad behavior to 'burst" the bubble.  And during the time prior to the burst we just think that we are doing what is best for ourselves and our family.

An easy way to understand it is this: Chances are I won't get lung cancer the day after I smoke my first cigarette.  However, if I take the next 20 years and smoke a pack a day there is a HIGH chance that one day the doctor is going to tell me I have lung cancer and that my days are numbered.  Some people, who will not acknowledge the truth that smoking leads to lung cancer, might find this a surprise.  Those of us who have watched this person smoke for the last 20 years probably won't be too taken aback by this diagnoses.

The book and website "I Can Fix America" originated from a simple belief: All actions, decisions, choices have consequences....both good a bad.  If you participate in choices or actions that are unhealthy both physically, morally or financially chances are there will be negative outcomes.  If you chose to be more conscious, every day, of making the best decision possible for long term and sustainable success in health, character and stewardship of resources (both natural and monetary),  chances are that you will live a life that is longer, healthier and with less day to day stress. You will contribute more and your family and community will have a higher chance for collective success.  Sure, there is always the case of "I knew this guy who smoked a pack a day and lived to be 100."  Yep, that happens sometimes - there are always exceptions to the rule or "outliers."

What I am suggesting, through this book and website, is that individually we can make HUGE differences in making America great again.  We can no longer wait on our neighbors, companies, unions and especially the government to do the right thing.  The wait and see behavior of the past has failed.  We waited, and now look what around at what we see.

2012 is a year in which I am not complaining, I am not waiting for an election to change things (which it won't), and above all I am no longer accepting that I can't make a difference.  I know I can make a difference. And even more important is I know that YOU can make a difference to make America great again.

Inside the book "I Can Fix America" are 52 common sense ways that you can make the United States great again.  There are ideas that you can begin tomorrow.  There are some that will need a little more planning but, nonetheless, can be completed in 2012 to turn your life and the future of America around.

The 52 ways inside the book address the 14 major issues that America faces as described on the left column of this page.  Use the issues to navigate some samples that are straight out of the book.  Feel free to share on this website or others ways in which you are implementing some of these ideas in your own life and community.

Every week I am going to do 1 of the 52 ideas that I outline in the book. You can visit this website or follow me on twitter or Facebook to see what I am doing each week.  I know that 2012 I can make a difference to make America great again.  I know I Can Fix America. I know you can, too.  Please join me.