Controversial Truth Episode 8

Episode 8 – “The Ocho”

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  1. Woodsoul says:

    All right, you asked for our opinions, so here’s mine:

    I’d prefer to hear about actionable stuff: what can I do to make things better? Where paleo is about making our bodies healthier, I see a rôle for “the Controversial Truth” in the area of making our communities healthier (from neighborhood to planet scale). Tell us how!

    But we do need some theory to guide practice, and I think it’ll be natural to discuss some big picture philosophy/political science/economics in order to motivate the community prescriptions, just like some biochemistry is useful in order to motivate dietary prescriptions.

    And I don’t mind if you need two or four weeks to prepare a podcast if it’s helps you be more focused and sharp.

    Perhaps it would be helpful to have an interview once in a while with some cool, practical people who have made real differences in their communities. Suggestions: someone with experience in sociocratic organization (maybe the CEO of Charlottesville Medical Research), or someone from BerkShares, the local currency that I mentioned a few weeks ago.

    Finally, I’m an optimist as well, so I’m not interested in the “how to build a paleo bunker” discussion. I’m pretty sure we can make the world a much better place than it is now through both technological and cultural innovation. But maybe I’m wacky that way: not only am I an anarchist, but an extropian, transhumanist, techno-progressive as well!

  2. Jason says:

    Dave and Robb – Love the podcast and I hope you continue it. I am about half way through episode 8 and wanted to share a few comments.

    1. A Book Club – I love the idea of adding in a book club into the mix. This seems like what happened by default with the Paleo movement. Why not just make it happen here?

    2. Podcast Frequency – This has become my favorite podcast to listen to every week. My hope is that you continue on with it as a weekly podcast. However, I understand the need to add in time for research. Bi weekly or monthly would work.

    You guys rock. Don’t give up. This is just as important as the whole Paleo movement and you can have an impact. Robb – if CrossFit HQ wasn’t able to take you out, you can survive this fight as well.


  3. Ryan says:


    Bottom Line Up Front: You have to keep doing the podcast!

    I’ve been a longtime Paleo Solution podcast listener/reader but haven’t commented much (call me a lurker…).

    As you both know, change is hard. And it’s perfectly understandable that you feel like you’re holding back the tide with a cup.

    But you guys have “star power” and the ability to reach a lot of people. The podcast in and of itself won’t change anything. Only a critical mass of people deciding “I can fix America” through picking up the torch on these individual causes, will change things. But making people think – and do research – and provide resources for self-education, and those people challenging their friends and family and spreading the word…that has the potential to build that critical mass. And the podcast ABSOLUTELY does that.

    Perhaps you guys could lay down some ground rules for comments that you’ll respond to, a la Robb’s post. For example: contrarian perspectives are fine, but we’ll only respond to posts/comments/opinions supported by citations to reputable research and data.

    Or, maybe a prerequisite to a considered comment is that each person has to say specifically what he or she is doing to fix the problem he/she is complaining about. Arguing in favor of Obamacare doesn’t count.

    Another suggestion is to maybe provide a continuum of research options for the topics in your podcast. By continuum, I mean maybe some quick-hitter articles for those who just want a good intro and to be informed about a given topic. But maybe a topic really speaks to people and they want to read some popular nonfiction and/or even some scholarly papers and textbooks. Not that that info isn’t out there and available, but maybe if you show the horse the path to water…

    Like you and Dave threw out at the end of the podcast, I like the idea of actionable ideas for a given topic. The mountain is overwhelming, but anyone can put one foot in front of the other. You eat an elephant bite by byte (cooked in paleo-approved coconut oil with gluten-free seasoning, of course…)

    I know, easy for me to sit here and say “do this, do that.” Just my $.02.

    I love the podcast and that you guys have shouldered the proverbial rucksack to do something instead of just bitching. I absolutely believe that we can steer ourselves away from the cliff we’re about to drop off of. It will be hard, and it will be done in a grassroots, local manner and only through a critical mass of individuals deciding to act, but can absolutely snowball into collective action. Furthermore, I absolutely believe that the podcast is an enabler of this, and hope that you guys keep doing it.

    Thanks for all you guys have done and continue to do. There are many of us out here who recognize and appreciate all of the time, effort, and sacrifice you put in.


  4. AndrewK says:

    I like having the podcasts weekly, but understand if it takes too much of your valuable time. It might be helpful to throw out topics to the audience and let everyone gather resources for your research.

    Presenting actionable items is probably a better way to go. I think part of the Robb’s success with paleo stems form the fact that he gives people something to try and is good at explaining why it should be beneficial. It’s easier to win people over when you give them something relatively small to invest in and they can see how effective it can be. Of course, the principles behind those actionable items should be discussed.

  5. sonny says:

    Im a glass 1/2 empty kind of guy, a realist, so Im always skeptical of ability to effect change on a macro scale- on a personal scale its def possible.
    Its a feature of human psychology that you set yourself up for disappointment when you set your expectations too high. Doesnt mean you cant try though.
    Interviews would be cool. Weekly podcasts alternating bw a regular podcast and an interview podcast? You could have authors, bloggers,etc. Richard Nikoley is a pretty apathetic,opinionated, yet rational dude. If you can convince him that its important to get politically motivated you could convince almost anyone.
    Book club? Currently reading Wired for Culture: Origins of the Human Social Mind by Mark Pagel.
    He’s a professor of evolutionary biology and he talks about language and culture in an evolutionary context. One of the points he makes is that HSapiens’ great ability over other primate species is our ability to copy others. In a tribal setting of 100 or so, you really need only 1 or 2 innovators- the rest are all copiers. This is energetically much more conserving and effective. It may also explain why the masses dont seem to care as long as they get their food and entertainment.
    When im confused in matters of politics or economics I fall back to evolutionary biological principles to sort thru the confusion.
    Another book- you know Michiu Kaku? the physicist at NYU? He coauthored a book called “To Win a Nuclear War: The Pentagon’s Secret War Plans”. Its slightly dated (’87), and talks more about cold war strategies rather than terrorist threats, but it analyses declassified pentagon documents and goes into the science of and psychology of nuclear warfare: the threats, the bluffing, the limited scale attacks and counterattacks.
    Ok, one more book – The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade.This ties in w your 2 topics of USA meddling in other ppl’s affairs and drug legalization policies.
    stay gold ponyboy

  6. Michael says:

    In terms of changing the podcast’s content, all of the suggestions of the first three commenters above, sound worthy — as do the suggestions made by David and Robb during the podcast.

    As for people disagreeing with your political statements, if you are going to discuss political matters in a podcast, you can expect that not everyone is going to agree with everything you say. If that was your expectation, then it’s unrealistic. In fact, if every listener were to agree with everything you said, how much change would your podcast be affecting in the world? Something to ponder.

    Speaking of politics, Robb is quite right that the US should stop interfering in the affairs of other countries. But the validity of that idea does not justify his suggestion that we should use nuclear weapons against countries that spawn terrorists regardless of the collateral damage to innocent people there. That type of heavy-handed and truly evil policy is exactly what spawns terrorists.

    Switching to a schedule of publishing the podcast every two weeks, or perhaps a longer interval, would give you more time to craft more structured shows, and perhaps bring in some guests. Regardless of what changes you make, I certainly do hope that you continue creating and sharing this podcast. Thanks.

  7. jasonk says:

    Hey guys, great podcast, hope it keeps going.

    I would suggest that instead of assuming we can effect change that will require cooperation of more than half the population with a libertarian ideology, that we instead look at ways we can use the market to mitigate the worst of what could happen in a socio-financial meltdown, which I will continue referring to as the “zombie apocalypse”

    It seems to me that there is plenty of decentralized human capital which will be able to keep lots of industries and markets going during the zombie apocalypse – there are engineers and skilled professionals everywhere who will still be able to produce value without our politics or economy propping them up. The thing I see really going wrong with this, is that people who have jobs that aren’t as worthwhile in a ZA scenario, such as those who are currently depending on government positions or welfare will lose any means of supporting or feeding themselves. I think that it’s important that they have something that they can go back to in order to at least be able to work to eat. To me, farming seems ideally suited to this goal..

    Big agra isn’t going to be able to survive without being propped up by government subsidies, especially if the cost of oil inflates to levels which won’t allow for transportation or production with industrial farms. Decentralizing our food production and supporting Salatin-style sustainable farming would probably do the most good in the zombie-apocalypse scenario.

    Instead of falling back to coconut farming, would it be better to use your talents to develop the market for sustainable farming, to organize resources so that young people could know how to begin sustainable farms in their own areas which could actually turn a profit? The more sustainable farms we have, the easier it will be to produce food to soak up some of the suffering the ZA scenario would cause, the less food would be dependent on transportation, the more work we would be able to offer to unskilled laborers anywhere in the nation.

    Forming or supporting an organization which would be able promote young people to go into this direction, to give guidance, legal support, and logistical resources may greatly enhance the development of the entire sustainable farming market. It’s a concrete task to which your star-power in the libertarian/paleo/traditional wisdom scene would make you uniquely suitable.

    And since you’re not Joel Salatin, you could even encourage people with piercings, tattoos, and alternate lifestyle choices to join in and help us all survive the zombie apocalypse.

  8. Dennis Carlson says:

    Please keep doing the podcast every week. Don’t worry about the quality. What’s off the top of your heads is what I enjoy and value. Here I am asking for something for nothing. At least I bought The Paleo Solution. Thanks to both of you. Please keep it up.

  9. Hey guys,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the article about why all Democracies go Bankrupt.

    While that is certainly a depressing statement, I believe it is exactly proof as to why you guys should keep fighting the good fight towards encouraging people (at a massive scale) to lead a healthy, responsible life that will lead to a safe, sustainable future for America.

    Like previous comments, I would encourage you guys to leverage your previous experiences (successes) and use the “I Can Fix America” methodology as a template (similarly to how Robb used the Paleo Solution). Challenge people to complete specific actions as outlined in “I Can Fix America”, collect their feedback (both pros/cons) and debate the successes and failures of those experiences.

    Then I would tie back the “big philosophical” topics into these real life stories as the proof of the concept. My first thought is replicating Robb’s experiences with reducing healthcare costs for an entire city’s in multiple cities.

    Someone in a TED talk explained it this way: “People don’t buy what you do; people buy why you do it.”

  10. Aron says:

    Hey guys,

    I look forward to your podcasts every week and really hope you continue it. I’m kind of uninformed about some issues so my experience has been pretty profound while listening to some episodes. Many times i’ve thought “holy shit, am I a libertarian??!!” Really really great stuff.

    As far as ideas for the shows, I really like the idea of having guests. It might stimulate more conversations, as opposed to you guys articulating all the myriad problems and then getting all bummed out. Definitely Nicoley, that dude would stir things up.

    Also, this guy Jonathan Haidt just published a paper about libertarian morality thats pretty interesting. Haidt might be able to speak to why this change thing is so hard given our differing moral makeups, and would have a thing or two to say about the fairness issue you guys talked about.

    I hope you keep it going and thanks for the kick in the pants..

  11. Tim says:

    I may be a little off-center here, but I don’t think that the podcast should continue indefinitely. I enjoy the podcast immensely, just as I enjoy the Paleo Solution podcast, TEDtalks, and some others, but for the gravity of this topic, I don’t think that taking the time to assemble and record a podcast is the “highest and best use” of your resources.

    I think that structuring the website to include reading lists (books, blogs, papers, scholarly stuff) submitted by both of you and the readers would be helpful. If it’s really important, you could include the Robb and David Controversial Reading Notes or summary to guide discussion.

    Incorporating a People Changing America (or something similar) section of folks doing interesting things that are making a difference and could be supported or emulated would be helpful.

    Current Events – maybe if something major is going on that you feel like weighing in on or posting info about, that could happen here. It seems like right now the podcast is a lot of explanation about current events, which could continue indefinitely.

    Like you said, most people won’t change their minds just from hearing your podcasts. If information is presented that allows the readers to make the connections and then is followed with actions that can help fix America, people may do more of the action.

    It seems like organizing the website to distribute the information that you research and discuss on the podcast would help just as much as actually recording the podcast. The podcast format is great because you can listen and learn and be entertained, all while you do something else – work, drive, etc.

    I think that the best way to get these ideas into motion is to try to build the site to enable the viewers and listeners to provide information and inspiration based on what they are DOING. You two are making the podcast and providing information for us all to go out and make decisions. That is your action, in addition to all the other things you do. I think that building the site and restructuring it to be more about the readers’ actions would be worthwhile.

    Maybe once a month there is a recap of the goings-on, current events, big hits on the reading list, cool things that people are doing, and other ZORG-Certified Shenanigans in the style of Podcast Ocho so that we can all get our fix and go about changin’ ‘Merica.

  12. Aaron says:

    First, the podcast has been extremely eye opening for me and I really hope you guys continue. Don’t stop.

    Like everyone else, I really look forward o the podcast every week and its become one of my favorites. You ARE changing things. The more people like me that end up understanding how desperate our country’s situation is – the more people that will vote for a change of course. And begin using the information to educate their family and friends.

    Robb – The Paleo Solution changed our family forever. We’ll never go back and our nutritional revolution all started with reading your book. Now my wife is helping guide friends make the same changes. The same waves of influence can be true for the podcast.

    Please keep up the good work and ignore the critics.

  13. Dan says:

    For what it’s worth, guys, though my mindset has been heading this way ever since I discovered paleo/real foods a year ago, your podcast has truly helped form and concrete a much more well developed sense of my place in this world and the responsibility that comes with that. I understand your sentiment of futility, but I’d hate to see the show lessen its frequency if only to give me (and us) just more futile questions to chew on and to think about. To me, that means everything.

  14. Phil says:

    Guys – love the show, keep at it. Some barely coherent thoughts:

    You guys keep expressing the frustration of being unable to sway the opinion of certain died-in-the-wool types (eg: Robb’s token liberal friend). Screw them (if they’re hot) – seriously though, you’re wasting your time. There are plenty of fertile minds out there in which to plant the seeds of change.

    Also, I think you are possibly misunderstanding your audience – I don’t know Dave’s work prior to this show, but I know Robb from his work in the paleo space, and in turn from The Survival Podcast. So I’m already leaning and living that way. However the information I receive through these podcasts gives me talking points when I am discussing my lifestyle and the rationale behind it with other folks. Most of them probably won’t listen to the podcast links I send them, but they do listen to me (or at least nod politely whilst thinking about what condiments they’re going to put on their hotdog), and I listen to you.

    A final thought paraphrased from Paul Wheaton (permacultural evangelist from It’s easier to complain about bad things than build good alternatives.

    I know that Robb’s podcast improved immeasurably after the first few episodes where he just screamed “Stop being so goddam fat” for an hour, and started telling us how we can improve our diets and lead more healthy balanced lifestyles.

    So maybe rather than wringing your hands about the state of the national/international economy, tell us about how we can encourage our own micro-economies, for example.

    Phil from Australia

  15. Evan says:

    My top 8 reasons for continuing the weekly podcast:

    -The haters, trolls, and bomb throwers are going to do their thing no matter what. But they’re the minority.

    -The world is getting better, at least according to Matt Ridley.

    -You guys are awesome and your podcast is perfect.

    -Yes, you can enhance the podcast with actionable items: debt management, business systems, entrepreneurship, etc.

    -Stay controversial, get more controversial.

    -The book club is cool, but I’m really just going to listen to your summaries and recite it to other people as if I read the book myself.

    -Yes Robb you are affecting change. I’m a recovering Republican — turned Libertarian — who’s voting for Romney anyway.

    -This is my favorite weekly podcast and I’ll be seriously bummed if you guys quit. Monthly is straight up quitting yo!


  16. Jeff says:

    I wonder if the signers of the Declaration of Independence felt like their efforts were going to make any real difference. They were driven to create the document based on a foundation of specific beliefs about government and divine rights. But amongst themselves, did they really believe it would make that much difference? Did they really belive that a small group of men could light a fire under a widely scattered population that would successfully defy England and change the world?

  17. Shanon says:

    I’ve never considered myself an against the grain guy before, but since learning about Paleo 3 years ago, I can’t help but do almost everything against the grain. Not to be contrarian, but everything I seem to look at now is skewed by politics/money/greed etc. I learned of Robb Wolf via Mark Sisson (PB book) and have since been following Ron Paul. I am 39 (closer to 40) and wish I had this ammo years ago. Alas, I am arming myself daily (and weekly through your podcast) so I now feel intelligent vs. being a lemming. I know it’s frustrating when those don’t/won’t listen. I now live by Robb’s mantra of only helping those who want help. Well, I’m one of the ones who wants help. I never had any (evident) health issues before paleo, but I recognized the sanity of it all and I am learning about the sanity of other things through Robb (Ron Paul, Controversial Truth, and hopefully more.) I am a benefactor of your wisdom and try to spread my influence as well. I have successfully helped coworkers and others over time, who have in turn helped others. I think the more of us who think for ourselves, the more change we can affect. I only give credit to you Robb (and now you Dave) and of course other great minds in the paleosphere (Chris Kresser, et al.) I feel that you have done more for me than any can expect. I hope you continue to do more. I echo those who vote for weekly podcasts, but appreciate any we get. Thanks guys.

  18. PaleoBluto says:

    What the heck happened this week, did you guys suddenly have a testosterone crash and OD on Mydol??? MAN UP DUDES!! Good grief, that’s not the how we’ll change America. Dive back in full steam!

    When the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, did we say we might need a couple extra weeks to study up and get ready? NO!! Pick up the phone, get Ron Paul and Joel Salatin on the horn and JUST START TALKIN!! LET’S DO IT!!!!!

  19. Alex says:

    GROWTH THROUGH EDUCATION! The more you guys talk you teach. Think of yourselves as teachers, and take all the time you want preparing each podcast. You are an alternative to TV and radio that teaches people the wrong things. Do not give this up. Robb you are the reason I started listening to this at all, because you are such a unique and great person. My health has already been saved due to one amazing person and TEACHER ultimately. GROWTH THROUGH EDUCATION.

  20. Alex says:

    I’m actually willing to pay for unbiased information, and would drop a buck a podcast to help you guys stay motivated and supply such well researched expertise, if you decided to set that up of course.

  21. Beth says:

    As a small business entrepreneur, who is both conservative and libertarian, and slightly tin-foil-hattish, I really enjoy these podcasts.
    I find it incredibly reassuring that I’m not the only one who struggles with these thoughts and concerns for our future.

    As I’ve listened to the initial podcasts, I really do enjoy the banter and pontificating (which I like about the Paleo Solutions podcast as well) But I admit to having a vague feeling of expectation, like “when are they going to get to it?” though I’m not sure what ‘it” is, exactly…

    I have to agree with some of the others that focusing on giving people action items that will help them improve their lives right now would be ideal. Solutions for small businesses in this changing economy, and also preparing for things getting worse on the homefront, or ‘prepping’ so to speak.

    I really hope you all don’t bail on this whole thing… be encouraged! We are all out here listening!

  22. Ryan Pearce says:

    If anything, I find this podcast to be beneficial in that it has enabled a community to grow and connect made up of people who want to help change America and spread these ideas of individual, health, and governmental freedom. Maybe the podcast won’t change the hearts and minds of the masses, but it will continue to and has up to this point inspired many listeners to actively solidify their views and articulate them to others in their local environments more than ever before.

  23. Peter McCuen says:

    You guys have to keep this thing going. I don’t really care if you want to do every two or four weeks if you think that you can produce more meaningful content that way but do not quit.

    This is your forum, your soapbox, for inspiration and leadership. Even if all you do is interest a ton of people in the socio-political scene and rekindle their desire to live and work in a better society (as you have with me) then you’re doing something worthwhile.

    Anecdotally I can say that 4 years ago I saw only two dark paths (we’re on one of them now) and I was hamstrung. I abstained from the political process as I was opposed to lending my support to either of two candidates who I did not believe in. I then thought that this round of elections was going to be the same, and maybe it will, but then thanks to you guys I actually think that we can change this.

    Even if this election follows that same pattern (only two bad choices) and even if it’s 12-16 years up the road before the really big change happens, it’s still all worth it.

    Here, by way of recommendations, are my thoughts.

    1. As above, Don’t quit.

    2. The whole community listens and learns and gets inspired by small action items (hat tip to Robb’s paleo 30 day interventions, which do serve to prove that something can be done which works just short of a miracle). These small actions will show us all that we can make positive change, things will get better and we can share our successes and inspire others, etc.

    3. Each member should seek to spread the word in small and large ways (and be so encouraged within this community). I’m telling people to check out Gary Johnson for instance, just to look and see. Maybe he doesn’t stand a chance at this point in the race but four years from now I’ll still be thinking about and believing in the possibility of an Independent or Libertarian option for the white house and hopefully others, inspired by me will think likewise.

    And if we push the snowball far enough by then maybe it’s not 6% of the vote but 25% and that will make serious headlines, open the door for a lot of media, etc. and then in another four (or eight or whatever it takes) years we proudly eject the two parties from their seat of power.

    One angle of attack is this grass roots one where we create a ground swell and make is to that the masses won’t tolerate the BS “government” any longer. The other angle leads into points 4 and 5 of my “advice”.

    4. While I think it might be wrong for the podcast to turn into a mouthpiece for any political group or figure it should be encouraged that people get involved at local level politics. Just backing, campaigning for and supporting people they really do believe in or becoming candidates themselves.

    The podcast can discuss that process, ideas on how to get started, how to network and campaign; that would be a great topics to cover now and again.

    5. Robb and David could, given some “star power” as another commenter put it, seek to install changes at higher levels (corporate, local government, etc.), use existing market and media contact and spike bad policy, etc. and then publish and comment on this, get others on board and doing the same. Kind of like the Reno health gig.

    OK. My take homes:

    We need things to do. They don’t have to be big. An “I Can Fix America 30 day challenge?” or even just dedicating one day a week to implementing one idea from the book. Something.

    Yes people could just be industrious and get started but man has had leaders throughout the whole existence of the race, why expect and demand that he operates without leaders in this?

    Next: we need to get other interested and build a snowball effect by all of these small successes and changes. Introduce them to this podcast, these ideas, books, etc. (I think the book club idea is pretty legit too).

    Next: the inspiration and catalyst (this podcast) stays there, it keeps the conversation going, keeps people’s attention on fixing America (or wherever they are that needs fixing).

    We hit ’em high and hit ’em low, making day to day changes in our lives and the lives of those around us, giving good advice, setting a good example, etc. while also seeking to effect higher levels of the market and policy making engines. The two-pronged attack eases/facilitates the big sweeping changes my making the grass-roots changes day by day and then conversely catalyses the grass-roots changes by getting policy level changes done.

    Just my thoughts. I think that the purpose of the book, the podcast and what you guys surely do beyond those needs continual air play and reiteration. People will jump on board, it will be slow at first and yet with repetition it will gain momentum.

    Between the two of you lives have been bettered (healthier bodies and families, flourishing corporations) I say carry on.

    Leadership is a burden but if one leads well it is a worthwhile one, given the service to those who one leads.

    And you wont be doing it alone.

  24. LP Johnson says:

    Guys, I need you!
    I question daily about if I’m doing enough, reaching the right people, is my message falling in deaf ears, etc. my husband and I have been listening since the beginning, then say, “yes! We are not alone!” We don’t have a lot of people to talk to that get it, so this is filling a need for us. We are expanding our political education, and then reaching out and educating others. This is so necessary, lt me relay the following story:
    My brother is a parole officer and firearms competitor. He told me he was contemplating Crossfit, but the diet they advocate would just be too hard for him :(. I explained that the wacky diet was exactly how I feed my family, but I don’t call it “paleo”, I want to coin it “The Liberty Diet.” (Don’t steal that, guys, JK) The way we eat has given us freedom from the global economy, the FDA, USDA, and Monsanto. My brother, living in rural Farmtown, USA, in the middle if a cornfield, and holds a Master’s degree, says “who is Monsanto?” My eyes got big, I got him a beer, then I started talking.
    There are a lot, a lot of people in need of an education before a rude awakening comes. Your conversation, no matter how much or how little research you put into it, helps the rest of us to educate ourselves. We then reach out to others and illicite change in our backyards. Any form “the Controversial Truth” takes will be welcome in our house. (BTW, my copy of Healthy Competition arrived last week, used through Amazon $0.01 + 3.99 S&H. First on book club list?)

  25. Luke says:

    When you start suffering “low T” as a result of the slings and arrows tossed your way, y’all should stare at this chart from the Heritage Foundation showing the growth of publicly held debt as a percentage of GDP over time …

    Your star-power will encourage others to enter The Arena to try to “Fix America”

    Tangential Note: DDs book ICFA has 52 things, while the book “Economics in One Lesson” (EIOL) has 26 chapters. I’m currently going through both to match up ICFA items with EIOL chapters. This is easily the start of the book club.

  26. tt says:

    Guys: don’t lose steam so fast!

    As indicated above, you are doing good work.

    A few thoughts:

    re: nay sayers: the dog barks, the caravan rolls on… (You guys are the caravan in this scenario!)

    re: affect- Rome, the Paleo movement, etc were not built in a day.

    My take on the first 7 episodes- a little frustration but a big helping of “we have to address the fall-out from 40+ years of poor critical thinking skills!”

    Solution: All the above. In depth issues, history, skills, take aways.

  27. Ben says:

    A listener from Australia says: Don’t stop.

    Robb, did you ask yourself the same questions 15 years ago when you started the Paleo conversations? If you had stopped then – where would we be now?
    Don’t beat yourselves up, just doing the podcast starts conversations that more than likely never would have happened without it.

  28. Fred says:

    Fellas, here’s my two cents:

    I think it’s too hard for you two to carry this thing by yourselves every week without a better structure to the show. So I’d suggest these ways to make things work better:

    1. You could start each show by chatting about one of the items from Dave’s book, and just beat that one subject around for 10 minutes or so.

    2. You need guests on the show. Start with Cannon and/or Tanner from Cato talking about their book, Healthy Competition, which you have often referred people to. Then you guys don’t have to do so much research so that you have all the answers; you only need to research enough to ask smart questions.

    3. Maybe every once and a while do a listeners questions program. Robb, if you and Greg had to carry every paleo solution podcast without questions, you would have long since run out of things to talk about.

    Good luck.

  29. Norcal Mike says:

    Here is a challenge that the show could embrace as we head into crazy-season: vote out all incumbents! Cease your party loyalty and let all newcomers get a shot until the game changes.

    If you don’t like how lobbyists influence our gov’t then hit ’em where it hurts: their pocket book. The last thing they want is to have to buy off the same congressional seat over and over again.

  30. David says:

    Dave and Robb,

    Please don’t quit! I have been listening to your podcast with my 13 yr old in the car. It has resulted in a lot of great conversations and has opened many doors for further research and reading on our part.

    I understand that trying to do a quality show every week with topics this large can be overwelming. A bi-weekly or tri-weekly schedule may be better for quality content.

    To borrow from the suggestions above some things that might help the show:

    1. Publish the next show’s topic at the end of the current show. Ask your engaged audience for either questions in that area, or suggestions for research, solutions or knowledge leaders to interview. That type of interaction can assist in the production of quality shows.

    2. Every show should have a section devoted to the fundimentals of the topic at hand. Big picture stuff regarding economics, politics, psycology, etc.

    3. Bulk of the pod cast should be based on the research, questions or interviews suggested by listeners.

    4. End each podcast with one or two concreet items listeners can due to fix this topic area. In health care, you could task listeners with pricing Health Savings Accounts and High Deductible Health plans. Those types of concrete calls for action will start to effect the market based change we all want to see.

    What you guys are doing is important, and there a lots of us out here that are willing to help you keep this going. We may have simular ideas, concerns and worries regarding our long term future, you have the platform, star power and track record to be a ralying point for what our grandparents would have called “common sense” solutions to secure our future.

    Can’t wait for episode NINE!!!!

  31. says:

    I think you guys are great, so please do not be discouraged from the feedback you are getting.  People will disagree since they are still in denial.  I grew up in Germany and I do not want America to become like Europe.  If we continue this path we will become just like Europe.  Many people do not understand what the consequence would be to be like Europe but the amount of entitlement programs that exist in Europe are unsustainable.  It breeds laziness and inefficiency.  People that have strive and the ability to leave will do so to avoid high taxes.  Its a great place when you are poor but it is a difficult place to become great.  

    You guys have covered and hopefully will continue to cover that all Americans needs to hear.  I really enjoy listen to you guys! Please do not quit!  I think the day to day issues are very important for everyone to think about since the election is coming up.  People unfortunately are to caught up in voting for the party their family or friends have been voting for many years no matter what a candidate stands for.  It is sad how few actually follow the issues at hand.  Well, I hope I will continue to hear from you!  

    By the way, solely concentrating on financials would get too mundane.  Although, I do agree that financial IQ is an issue in the US.  Overspending with no retirement savings, hoping for social security is a scary thought.  My mother didn’t  own a credit card until we planned to visit the US since it was a well known fact that we wouldn’t be able to able to rent a car.  It is possible to do very well without reliance of government hand outs by living within your means and save.  My mother moved from Indonesia a third world country to Germany without speaking a lick of German but she did well and was able to retire at the age of fifty.  

    I moved to the US when I was 21 years old speaking “Genglish” but I overcame my language barrier and I am now a successful dentist practicing in South Florida.  Everything is possible! 😀

  32. Greg Gagnon says:

    My summary of the questions asked and my responses.

    “Should we Keep doing this?”
    Your podcast is marvelous. Please keep going. When you first mentioned a change in schedule I thought of biweekly, with an alternating book club week in the middle. I would be willing to handle the book club week logistics and technical if you want volunteers.

    “Is this making a difference?”
    Yes, I think so. You are starting the movement and helping people clarify their beliefs, while giving them access to resources to make better informed decisions. This is sort of like the starfish story* “It makes all the difference in the world to that one.” It also is not a short term thing. Changing the direction of something this big takes a lot of force, and that force is built up slowly. Education is a big part of it. Politicians are generally not leaders, they are followers. In order to have a mainstream politician seriously broach the topics in the way we want, there have to be enough of us to justify it. Build the numbers. Make it a grass-fed roots campaign. (TM) 😉

    “Should we focus on long-term big picture or local immediate-action items?”
    Yes. You should focus on the things that feel best to you. It seems that you both want to focus on things that have a quick ROI. That is great and we also need to think strategically. If you want to change the direction of a national election we should be talking about 2016, 2020, or even 2024. In the interim we need to provide the education for people to recognize that our positions make sense and the local candidates to support a national swing of opinion. This seems like a good place to do that, though you may want to delegate one portion or another to other people. You have both probably learned that in business things get to a certain point and then you must delegate. This is a big problem and a long ride. We are not trying for 8 seconds, so get a comfortable saddle.

    * Here is an abbreviated version of the starfish story on the off chance that someone hasn’t heard it:
    OM= Old Man
    YM = Young Man
    OM walking down the beach comes across a YM standing there picking up one of the thousands of starfish on the beach and throwing it back in the ocean.
    OM: “Why are you doing that? It doesn’t make a difference? They are going to die.”
    YM, picking up another and throwing it back into the ocean: “It makes all the difference in the world to that one.”

  33. Matt says:

    I agree with the comment Ryan made waaaaay up above, and he articulated succinctly what I now don’t have to.

    To add on, if you guys felt it would be more worthwhile to avoid haters/trolls/ignorant emotionally-enflamed responders it might be interesting to see you guys tackle a major topic once a . Jumping around topics to get people talking and learning isn’t necessarily bad either.

    As to the book club, you could maybe do some sort of rotation; three weeks book club, one week major topic, it might give your listeners (myself included) some valuable education and much needed up-to-speedness while you hunt and gather your air-tight message.

    The podcast is funny, informative, and the only relief I can find from the headache of mainstream media and talk radio.

    Last, the timing couldn’t be more relevant! If the political climate for the next four years takes us further from solutions and into more catastrophic problems then we as a society cannot wait any length of time to start educating ourselves and doing what we can to enable the change necessary in our spheres of influence now.

    Please don’t stop!

  34. Jay says:

    Keep it rolling guys. It’s not going to start out being perfect, but I know I’m already hooked and waiting for each podcast.

    Dave – you mentioned several times that what you are trying to do for us can’t be easily measured or quantified in the same way a paleo diet can. Last night I sat in my car by myself so I could listen to a peice of speech by Ron Paul. My wife and two kids were already in the restaraunt waiting for me. 6 months ago I would have heard Ron Paul (or any other politician) and wouldn’t have given it a second thought. So while you personally may not say or do something on this podcast that directly changes policy, what you are doing is taking off people’s blinders and opening their minds. That is powerful stuff! Just think about the ripple effect. I bought a copy of your book tonight. And dude, when you said you may go “nuture capital” I got really jealous. I want to learn how to do that!

    Robb – the haters won’t keep you from accomplishing what you feel you need to do in your heart. Keep changing people’s lives. It is obvious in these podcasts that you are very passionate about this. I know it sounds cheesy, but keep fighting the good fight. For every noisy doubter out there, there are ten people like me that are being changed positively by the work you do.

    Selfishly I hope you keep up with the weekly podcasts. For the Controversial Truth I think going 2-4 weeks between podcasts will be too long to keep people hooked. I like what others have suggested with a rotating schedule –
    1) Book Club,
    2) I Can Fix America topic,
    3) Nuture Capital or some other type of information session to make us advance ourselves, then
    4) Maybe some bigger topic that you guys want to talk about.

    Looking forward to next week!!!

  35. Renee says:

    Guys, don’t give up!

    The biggest issue, from my perspective, is a basic understanding on economics and how markets work. If the individual is a rational, profit seeking person, then people SHOULD recognize how unsustainable the policies our country’s enacting are once you lay out the basics.

    Yes, Robb, it sucks that you’re once again put in the position of teaching the basics of economies akin to evolution, bio, chemistry, endocrinology, etc that you did with the Paleo group…but if you guys lay that stuff out and get even ONE casual democrat or republican to snap out of the matrix and empower them to use their vote to make a difference, haven’t you guys made an impact? Isn’t that a success? I think it is.

    Anyway, I think monthly is too long between podcasts. I totally understand where y’all are coming from about the time it takes to prepare resources for the big topic discussions, but why don’t you cycle like some of the above posters have suggested?

    1. Book club/basic econ talks. Maybe even looking at some case studies of other democracies/republics that have failed. (Ancient Rome’s my favorite)
    2. Actionable items (Fix America and/or an individual’s situation)
    3. Big topics.

    Those are my two cents. Don’t leave for the coconut groves just yet!

  36. Eric Anderson says:

    Notes from the lunatic fringe:

    Dear Dave & Robb,

    Guys, as has been said over and over in the previous comments, what you’ve started is a great work. It’s going to take a little time — you can’t fix America/the world in 8 weeks. As they say, if you walk a mile into the woods, you have to walk a mile to get back out.

    This podcast is a great jumping-in point for people to learn more about freedom-driven politics. Focus on big issues, on small actionable items — hell, just the chatting about it is helpful. In even a general talk-show way, you guys bringing these issues up in conversation is a great way to bring awareness to important topics and ideas.

    Ok, don’t want to be overlong. So, my suggestions:

    – Keep the weekly format, but don’t be so demanding on yourselves. Cover the topics that you can with the level of detail you can, and offer more in-depth links and whatnot on the site for those with time and interest.

    – Having guests and questions will help add variety, and reduce the amount of footwork you guys have to do to come up with stuff to talk about on your own.

    – Ignore boring contrarians. It’s a waste of energy.

    – Book club, yes. Even if it’s a suggested reading list, and you don’t dig into them on the podcast.

    – More “Rational Optimism”, we’re all listening & contributing because we want a better world!

    You have begun a necessary and very timely dialog. Please carry on!

  37. Holly says:

    Please continue. Your devoted listeners made the greatest suggestions above. (Must be all that high quality thinking going on with the paleo food we eat). I don’t want to be repetitive. Heavens to Betsy – Please don’t ever get so depressed over the naysayers. While on a long run, I had to cut off the Ocho and go back to an earlier episode just to make it out of the woods and back to my ride. I wil listen, learn and implement what makes sense. Thanks for all you do!

  38. Daniel Sparks says:

    I waited till I got good & ripped to send this. Please stop whining about not making a difference. Really? Have you read these comments? You are making a huge impact. You are speaking your mind and giving great advice. I understand being frustrated with your efforts (14 yrs of LE). I hope you continue on with the podcast. I have learned a lot and have recommended the site to many. I have been a huge Robb Wolf fan, and I’m becoming a Dave fan. Just remember the words of Neal Boortz, “If two people agree on everything, one really isn’t needed.” we do not have to agree on every single point, but we agree on more points than we disagree. My rambling point is to plead with you to continue on with the podcast. It is your choice. Please continue! I really get a lot out of this podcast. I hope this helps. If not, then just completely ignore this. Good times!

  39. Sara says:

    Hi Robb and Dave.

    I have been a long time listener of the Paleo Solutions podcasts and I enjoy the Controversial Truth, background and diatribe on confusing topics and all.

    In Episode 8 you kicked around the idea of addressing specific financial questions and offer suggestions on how to deal with that issue in the interest I presume helping that one person so as vis a vi help America… So here is goes.

    Dear Lord God I hope you have some ideas. I am a fairly new attorney sitting on a mountain of student loan debt ($180k). $140 of it I went through the rig-amoral to get consolidated and the rest is sitting with private lenders.

    Here is the problem. As with the rest of the economy, the legal field is in the shit house. When I went into law school I was told that the lowest paying job I would receive upon graduation would be 75k. Today I am law clerking in a firm getting paid $14 an hour and am thankful to be doing something in my field because I have many friends that cannot obtain jobs in their chosen field.

    I am not like most young people these days. I do not have credit cards that are maxed out. I do not carry a Chanel purse, I do this wacky thing of buying things only I can afford to pay for it all upfront, my car is paid for, needless to say I do not have much. What do I do on my current income to start making a dent in my student loan debt? I am not a stupid woman but when it comes to this financial crap I feel so overwhelmed and like I cannot get out from under this cloud of doom!

    Thank you!

  40. Ben Shideler says:

    Thank you for the podcast and tackling the hard issues. I think that having such a large listener base in a few episodes is a testament that the world is waking up.
    I like all the different content ideas from the theory to actionable items. I dont think a monthly podcast format will help. You could make the months thematic and then we could get the info as you are putting it together.
    You never mentioned bringing in guests from the liberty community like jack spirko, robb gray from aocs or the people from the free state project.
    I hope you keep it in a weekly format, it keeps me jazzed up about liberty. I dont know hat kind of national or international impact you will have, but I know that you are having an impact on individuals.

  41. If “do something” means stop the inevitable decline of a global empire while simultaneously teaching every Internet troll how to reason, you’re going to have a bad day.

    I think this is an opportunity for folks to understand what is happening. This could be helped along by:

    – A book club with subjects that help us understand events and help us take action.

    – Bringing on guests (Tom Woods, Chris Martenson, Lew Rockwell) to help understnad what’s happening.

    The goals should be understanding what is going to be happening in the next 20 or so years and what reasonable actions we can take to make it as smooth as possible.

  42. sonny says:

    If you like sci-fi, check out Freehold by Michael Williamson.
    Freehold is a libertarian colony. Totally free market, no regulations, etc.
    Earth in the future has become a rough society where pervasive bureaucratic regulation by a global (and extra-solar) UN means everything happens slowly, permits and licenses are required for most activities, all law-abiding citizens are tracked by computer implants constantly, and workers at all levels are unmotivated. Crime is basically unchecked: rape and burglary are considered commonplace and unavoidable, though still punishable. Petty theft and lesser crimes are all but ignored, and blame is attributed more to the victims than the perpetrators if they occur.

  43. tt says:

    Another recommendation:

    Point taken on the quality of your work and the background efforts required…

    Consider taking on an unpaid intern or two to assemble background material, fact check, web search, etc. Good resume material for people starting out (who might be ‘up’ on the areas of interest).

  44. Anders Albert says:

    I have been catching up on listening to these podcasts, and even though it has been a couple of weeks since this went up I wanted to add my opinion.

    First off I criticized you Robb about your comment about nukes in the last podcast and here is why. I have actually never cared to comment on anything online before since I normally don’t care about other people’s opinions online. I don’t see any point of arguing with uneducated people both in real life and online. Robb you are on the other hand a person that I have huge respect for, I do care about what you think since I know it is a well thought opinion. I have followed you for some time and I have read a good chunk of the books you have recommended and you have had a huge influence on me. So when you came with one statement that is pretty far from my opinion I had to comment since I do care so much about what you think. I am about to get the same kind of respect for you David, being a friend of Robb makes you a good guy.

    I can understand your frustration in this podcast and I totally agree that a meaningless thing is not worth doing. So I want to tell you guys what you have accomplish so far. For me personally I have never cared about “saving the world” since I have always seen it as pointless. What can one person do that will make a difference? This podcast has given me hope for a change and motivation to participating in doing research and help come up with real solutions to the problems we as a society are facing. I also have to mention that I am not an American, I am a Norwegian and our problems are not as huge as yours. But as you have said globalization make our problems the same. What my point is that you guys have managed to change the way one individual is thinking and I don’t think I am an unique snowflake in this matter. Change will start with changing the mindset of a lot of people, getting more people to participate.

    My thoughts for the continuation of the podcast are that to have the podcast biweekly or possibility every third or fourth week is a good idea. It will not only give you guys time to research a topic, but if you announce the topic of the next podcast every time and possible provides some start point for doing research it is possible for the audience to do research as well and listen prepared. I would also like to keep the podcast on a grand scale enabling non-American listeners to participate more. As a research topic I would like to propose looking into what makes a population change and do things. Historically what made people like Gandhi inflict such a huge change. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about this, but I will try to find out more.

    Keep up the good work guys, don’t go for the doomsday podcast just yet.

  45. Kit says:

    Robb and Dave,

    Like many, the reason I listen to your podcast instead of reading blogs in depth is that I am very busy. (Thankfully now due to guys like you I’m busy moving forward on things that have greater meaning than climing Steven Covey’s “ladder leaning against the wrong building”.)

    All I want to respond to is whether this is a “best use of your time” question, which I know has to be answered by both of you on a ongoing basis… but the question of whether one or two people can make a difference should be “settled science”. (Sorry for the oxymoron.)

    Nelson Mandela changed a world, as did Ghandi, and lots of individuals who were just men… deeply flawed and human individuals. Maybe you’re not a Mandela, but you very well may be speaking to one somewhere on the planet.

    If you continue to follow Spirko’s dictum of all emergency prep, (which is what I see your educational chatauquas as,) which is to ensure that everything you’re doing for the future is Making Your Personl Life Better Now, then it will be valuable and sustainable for you.

    There’s no doubt that though I disagree with some core things (note for another time) I am pointing every rational friend I have at your work. You’re helping me clarify and articulate the biggest questions of our times. I can’t help but think that thinking out loud is clarifying this stuff for yourselves.


  46. jnickell says:

    I got a little behind on the podcasts and just finished this one. Honestly, the first 2 made me so depressed that I couldn’t listen. After a couple weeks off, I moved on to 3-7 and was totally enthused. I got to this podcast and almost wrecked my car. Luckily, since I was behind, I noticed there were more podcasts!

    I am technically a republican, but have been utterly disappointed by both parties. I’m a younger guy and had made the decision to quit caring about the rest of the country, hunker down and focus on my businesses and my economy. I had fought and tried to find solutions to some of these problems, but neither side had any and no one seemed to want to really discuss ideas intelligently. Now, finally I have some hope. Even impending doom is hope, because you guys have real solutions to these problems, or at worst the beginnings of solutions. Of course, some of them will hurt, but change always does. Thank you both for sticking your neck out and making this happen. It is already making a difference!