8 Responses to Controversial Truth Episode 13

  1. Renee says:

    1) Not ONLY will it take a catastrophic event to rally every American again, you ALSO need somebody smart enough to stand up and present Americans with the “correct” course of action. Neither Romney nor Obama would get up in the face of such an event and say, “listen…here’s where we’re at. we messed up. we have to cut all government subsidies to get our shit together. It’s going to be hard, but we’re going to do it”

    2) I think I’ve finally found the answer of fixing everything. I can’t believe that it took me this long to have it occur to me, and I’m shocked that neither of you have even tangentially mentioned it.

    2b) We need libertarian-minded folks to run for office. To climb the political ladder of crazy to get to a place that they can affect change. We can talk all we want on this podcast, but unfortunately, your listeners are far too spread out to mobilize in a meaningful way with the status quo. The electoral college prevents us and our votes from really making a difference. If one listener, or 15 listeners ran for local office, got in front of their fellow citizens and switched the lightbulb on for all of them…how would that change the election cycle next year? THAT’S the platform. That’s the only way to affect the overreaching federal government and giving back some power to the states and municipal goverments.


  2. LP Johnson says:

    Hey, I just wanted to throw out my last voting experience, as it relates to unions. UAW & I believe the teachers’ union (and others) are given voting days off from work as to encourage voting, but also told how to vote by their respective unions. BTW, I’m in Michigan.
    Upon going to vote in the primary, I was in line behind a belligerent drunk woman, in her fifties-ish, staggering already at noon, needed her hand held through out the process, didn’t understand the bubble-filling process, etc (seemed like her first time out). Long story short, on her way out, she loudly announces to the rest of us, slurring, “Gotta vote! This is America! Gotta protect our unions! My union got me the day off so I could vote!”
    So this is the current state of voting.

    • Lori says:

      USAA Federal Savings Bank is a very big bank, but not a bad bank. Owned by the military cnmmuoity that it serves, it is the GI’s first line of defense. But I am also a member of Oregon 1st Community Credit Union.

  3. Glen Nagy says:

    The government printing money is not the problem, the problem is that the government doesn’t create money. Instead of printing money they let someone else print the money, then they borrow it and pay interest. That is crazy. The government and citizens of the USA can never pay off their debt. If all debt was paid then the money supply would disappear and the economy would crash. There is a fundamental problem with a monetary system that requires the government and people to be forever locked in debt for it to function.

    As far as QE3, it was inevitable. Actually this is more like QE4, I think this kind of asset purchase has continually happened the last few years. If the fed and government isn’t prepared to let banks go bankrupt if they don’t have enough assets to cover their liabilities then they have to have a way to get the worthless mortgage backed securities off the books of the banks. They bought some time by changing the “mark to market” rules but eventually all these worthless mortgage backed securities the banks hold have to be taken care of since the real estate prices will have to be much higher than they were when the securities were created for them to be worth anything. QE3 lets the banks take $40 B of these worthless securities a month to the Fed and the Fed will buy them with money they create out of thin air. great for the banks, not a problem for the Fed, not to good for the average person wondering why everything is getting so expensive!!