#34: I Can start a new small business full time or on the side if I am unhappy with my current income or job.


Alight, alright.  What a wild and crazy week.  Thank you to all of those people that ordered the book, listened to my interviews, “liked” the facebook page, and followed me on Twitter.  I am still figuring out how to best use some of the aforementioned items but I am a heck of a lot more knowledgeable today than I was 6 days ago about how this how social media stuff works.  Thanks again for your faith, interest and patience.

So, just like any other new venture in its first week of operation, I sure had a few surprises.  You know, the fun stuff like the shopping cart crashing on the first day (I would like to believe that is because so many books were being ordered), waking up in a panic  as I realize I need a “sales tax” ID for the state of GA (don’t worry, I have one now so you won’t have to visit me in jail), filling out all the various paperwork for business licenses (it might be easier to adopt a baby) and then finally receiving word that there was a “small” delay in getting books to amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com…only 2 of my largest distribution channels….no problem….;-) Don’t worry, all will be good next week (so they say…;-)

Despite some of those “headaches” it was a really, really, really great and successful first week.  This type of momentum is humbling and I thank each one of you for your kind words of encouragement and support.  I mean, I was on NATIONAL RADIO WITHIN THE FIRST 2 DAYS OF LAUNCHING THIS BOOK! Awesome. And, BTW, I think we are on to something…fixing America ourselves…novel concept.

But most of all, I am REALLY excited about how many of you sent me messages on facebook, twitter and email saying how YOU are going to be committed this year to pick one of the 52 ideas and get to work FIXING AMERICA.  That is the whole reason for my being and purpose in 2012.  I sure as heck can’t fix America on my own but to see people who come to the realization that, in fact, THEY CAN FIX simple things in their own life and community that will FIX AMERICA. Bring it 2012…I’m ready and America’s ready (and I hope the Mayans are wrong…man will I be p*ssed if the world ends)

Visit www.ICanFixAmerica.com tomorrow (January 8th or otherwise known as the beginning of week 2) to see what we will be fixing.

I Can Fix America.

Who’s with me?


Oh, I realized no one has my email address who isn’t a personal friend and I haven’t put it on the website yet.  But in case you want to email me here it is: Dave@ICanFixAmerica.com